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Heron Crest founders, Claire Brill and Heidi Hammel, started looking for studio space in 2006 when both realized that they no longer fit in their small at-home studios. Intrigued by the 
second floor of the old mill, and armed with the encouragement of friends and members of the art community, they took the leap and opened Heron Crest Studios in February, 2007.  "It's the best  thing we've ever done," says Hammel. Today the 16 studios serve 
13 artists.

Heron Crest Studios will host an Open Studio Weekend Nov. 11, 12, 13th and 19th, 20th. The community is welcome. The rest of the year they are open by appointment only.  

Heron Crest Studios is a thriving community of professional and serious part-time artists located in Aston, Pennsylvania.






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Heidi Hammel continues to operate Heron Crest Studios and has strong ties to the Media area. Heidi spent her childhood in Media and returned permanently in 1990.  Heidi taught at The School in Rose Valley and participates in The Hometown Collective.  Hammel is a registered artist with the Media Arts Council. 
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Area artists have transformed the second floor of the Rockdale Industrial Center into twelve light-filled studios overlooking the western branch of the Chester Creek. Originally a 19th century cotton spinning mill, it now houses fiber and leather artists along with a vintage fashion designer, a photographer and several painters. Located at the intersection of Mount Road and Red Hill Road in Aston, and called Heron Crest Studios, it sits atop the Heron Studios that has occupied the first floor for more than ten years.

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Heidi Hammel of Heron Crest Studios
Heron Crest Studios is Expanding!

We have acquired space for eight more studios, so for the first time in a year we have studios available for rent.  See our 'Studios Available' page for more information. 

Interested in becoming part of our community of artists? Call or e-mail to schedule a tour. 

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